About the Republican Party of Virginia

Mission and Purpose

In 2014, Virginia sent 8 Republicans to the House of Representatives and came within 17,000 votes of retiring U.S. Senator Mark Warner.

Now, we turn our attention to the 140 races for the House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia, in which we aim to grow our majority in both chambers, while growing the ground game we will need to turn Virginia Republican red in 2016. We need the support of every Republican in Virginia–please get involved with our efforts by supporting us financially, volunteering for us and keeping up with the work we are doing in Virginia to grow the Republican Party and get our candidates elected.

We will continue to stand by our common-sense conservative values and principles, fighting for:

  • lower taxes;
  • less and smaller government;
  • personal responsibility;
  • creating opportunities for anyone;
  • protection of life;
  • empowering families;
  • and defending freedom and liberty.