Mullins: On Tax Hikes, Tim Kaine Just Can't Help Himself

Video: Tim Kaine says he supports 'minimum tax for everyone'
Video: Tim Kaine says he supports 'minimum tax for everyone'

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:


"Tim Kaine just can't help himself. Anytime he has the opportunity to even talk about raising taxes, he does it. During today's debate, he said he'd be open to setting a 'minimum tax for everyone.' People who don't know Tim Kaine are shocked, but those of us who had to live through his term aren't surprised at all. 


Less than two weeks after he was elected, he proposed raising taxes. Every time he was faced with making tough choices, Tim Kaine fell back to his default answer - raise taxes. And just weeks before he left office, he proposed what would have been the largest tax hike in Virginia history! 


He called ObamaCare President Obama's 'greatest achievement' even though it will raise taxes on 6 million families.


Folks, it's not rocket science. Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Virginians want a U.S. Senator who won't treat taxpayers like an ATM. That's why they're going to elect  George Allen in November. "

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