With No Message or Plan to Keep Virginia Moving Forward Democrats Pin Hopes on Failed, Flawed Candidates

And so it begins. With a shallow bench, and no message or plan to speak of, Virginia Democrats pin their hopes for 2013 on a failed, flawed candidate who spent $7 million on a primary and lost... to Creigh Deeds.  


The same guy who knew he wanted to run for Governor, but wasn't sure about what state he would do it from. The same guy who likes to talk up all the manufacturing jobs he's created ... in Mississippi, because Virginia wouldn't give him enough corporate welfare. 


But not all Democrats are in love with their candidate. In fact, a number of them, particularly in the netroots community, are hoping and praying another failed candidate to enter the race: one of President Obama's favorite (ex)- Congressmen, Tom Perriello. 


Democrats have two less-than-appealing choices:  


The guy who said "If you don't tie our hands, we will keep stealing" 




The guy who had a chance to create hundreds of jobs in Virginia, but chose Mississippi instead? And who's primary occupation is raising money for Democrats (and name dropping Bill Clinton?) 



RPV Chairman Pat Mullins gave the following statement:


"Where have I heard this before? A Republican party united around one candidate for Governor headed into the election, while Democrats are less than thrilled with their current crop of failed re-treads. 


Meanwhile, faced with unappealing candidates with no plan for the economy other than 'raise taxes' in the face of a tough economy, Democrats launch an all out assault attempting to paint the Republican nominee as extreme, while they focus on social issues to the exclusion of all else. 


Sounds quite a bit like 2009. I'm looking forward to next November already."

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