RPV Releases The Following Statement Regarding McAuliffe Supporter's Hostile & Offensive Tweet

Yesterday afternoon and again today, a self-identified "grassroots" group working to make @TerryMcAuliffe the next #VAgov," known as @Terry4Gov, did their preferred candidate no favors with hostile tweets perpetuating an untrue and offensive stereotype.  Remarkably the tweet echoes the assault on Ken Cuccinelli's record put forth by the pro-McAuliffe Super PAC American Bridge and copies the style of an attack website created by Terry McAuliffe's campaign.

"As a proud American who happens to be a minority born outside this country, I find this type of imagery incredibly offensive," said Republican Party of Virginia spokesman Jahan Wilcox.  "Until Terry McAuliffe and his Super PAC allies denounce this disgusting attack, one can only assume they condone it.  This type of hateful stereotyping has no business in our political discourse and McAuliffe and his allies would be wise to repudiate it immediately."

NOTE: Typically we would include research materials below regarding the aforementioned tweets.  However, in the interest of not assisting in the spread of this insulting imagery, we've chosen not to do so here.
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