An Open Letter to Newspapers Endorsing Terry McAuliffe

To the Editors, Publishers, and other Editorial Board Members:

I write today to publicly ask you to rescind your various endorsements of Terry McAuliffe for Governor. I realize that this request could well be seen as self serving, but if you will hear me out I think I can offer a compelling case for doing so.

Some of you, like the Virginian Pilot, endorsed early, before all the facts were known. Since those endorsements were made, new facts have come to light.

For example, the fact that Terry McAuliffe's GreenTech automotive received a number of EB-5 visas on a politically-influenced "fast track." A whistle-blower told the Washington Times that these visas represented a potential national security risk. Let that sink in for a moment - Terry McAuliffe was willing to put U.S. national security at risk so he could make a buck.

But as unseemly as the visa episode is, far worse things have come to light since your papers have endorse Terry McAuliffe, such as Terry McAuliffe's involvement with Joseph Caramadre, the investment councilor who stole the identities of the terminally ill to profit.

Caramadre, who is now in prison, earned more than $100,000 for Terry McAuliffe by helping him place a bet that a terminally-ill cancer patient would die.

Terry McAuliffe has consistently declined to answer substantive questions about his involvement with Mr. Caramadre, nor has he explained why he declined to include this ghoulish investment on his statements of economic interest during his 2009 campaign. This alone should be more than enough for any early endorsers to reconsider their decisions to support his candidacy.

Many of you, like the Editorial Board at the Washington Post, expressed reservations about endorsing Terry McAuliffe, or did so in a qualified manner. Since those endorsements were made, more stories have come to light that should give you even more pause.

Terry McAuliffe has a documented record of exaggeration and outright lies. Recall the stories in the Washington Post of how he fabricated his campaign story about the $800 chair out of whole cloth. Add to that this week's revelation that his "successful" trip to Cuba was actually a wing-and-a-prayer trip that accomplished nothing. Nonetheless, Terry McAuliffe came back to Virginia and told everyone that he had successfully opened Cuba to Virginia's wine makers.

Regardless of the impact on the Commonwealth of a McAuliffe administration - which would be severe - do you really want to be the newspaper that endorsed the candidate who was gambling on the terminally ill? McAuliffe is a serial exaggerator and liar who makes it up as he goes along. Is that truly a quality in a candidate that you want to be seen supporting?

Given your previous partisan histories, I have no illusions that any of you would switch your support to Ken Cuccinelli. But after all the information that has become public about Terry McAuliffe, I simply must ask: How can you continue to endorse Terry McAuliffe in good conscience?

As such I ask that you consider the entire record and rescind your endorsements of Terry McAuliffe.


Pat Mullins,
Republican Party of Virginia

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